Rhino Mats

Marbleized | Anti-Fatigue Mats*

  • A marbleized tile floor matting that provides comfort for people who stand at counters, copiers and teller stations widely used by banks and office personnel.
  • Rhino Marbelized Anti-Fatigue mats are a superior value with puncture resistance that far exceeds comparable rubber products by up to 90%.
  • This product is constructed of a 3/32" heavy duty marbleized tile surface, permanently bonded to your choice of 3/8" or 3/4" resilient closed cell polymer sponge base. Overall thickness is 1/2" or 7/8".
  • Tile top is available in standard stock sizes and in roll lenghts.
  • Edges will be beveled.



In a rigorous environment, exceptional comfort, dimensional stability and durability are the hall- marks of a successful mat. Our Tile Top products are manufactured from specially formulated proprietary low-static formulation vinyl compounds. Tile Top mattings are a superior value with puncture resistance that exceeds comparable rubber products by up to 90%. This increased spike resistance helps eliminate premature failure due to exposure to casters, heels, and other sharp objects. These materials are only available through the Rhino Mats and Matting division of Ranco Industries.

• Flexible polyvinylchloride surface shall be permanently fused to a closed cell polymeric sponge base, comprised of polyvinyl chloride, acrylonitrile butadiene rubber and chloroprene.

  • Sponge base shall have a skin surface to block moisture and resist most oils and industrial chemicals.

  • Edges of sponge base shall be beveled to within 1-1/4” of the top surface to effectively taper the edges of the surface to the floor and create a visibly molded incline around the perimeter of the mat, and seal the edge of the beveled sponge base to the surface.

*Custom floor mats will take 7 business days to be manufacture