Disposable Hairband | White | 100 Bag | HOTLINE BEAUTY

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100 pcs/pack

  • DISPOSABLE BOUFFANT CAP: 21-inch, double-side, white mesh (200pcs/pack)
  • COMFORTABLE: Made from a breathable Nonwoven fabric, these caps offer complete coverage of hair while staying much cooler than many non-breathable fabrics or materials. They are also lint-free.
  • FULL PROTECTION: Each cap/hair net has an elastic band which keeps the cap securely in place without sliding. These caps offer full hair protection while significantly reducing any risk of contamination.
  • SUGGESTED USE: Spas, Massage, Food Service, Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturing, Beauty Salon
  • CONVENIENCE: These nonwoven bouffant cap feature an affordably-priced, disposable design: meaning they are designed to be worn once and then thrown away, at minimal expense to you.

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