Luminae and Liter of Developer

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An innovative, dust-free, blue-based powdered lightener that is perfect for traditional foils, foilyage, cap, or off-scalp applications while providing colorists 9+ levels of ultra-lightening power. 


An innovative, freehand balayage lightener that enfolds hair in a clay-like shell, Starlight is perfect for open-air balayage, ombre, and hair-painting applications while providing colorists 7+ levels of lightening. Its special formula grips the hair strands in a hard shell while maintaining the perfect balance between moisture and the optimal texture needed to create accurate and precise freehand blondes without bleeding or transfer. 


Long-known for its clarifying and conditioning properties, we have combined the power of Activated Charcoal with the latest in lightening technology to create a detoxifying lightener able to absorb minerals, toxins, and other impurities that can interfere with the lightening process. This dust-free, powdered lightener is perfect for color correction, highlighting, hair painting, foilyage, and universal lightening applications, providing colorists with a “clean canvas” and up to 9+ levels of lift. 


Oxycream Developer 20 Volume

These oxidizing agents are odorless with a creamy texture which does not drip. Perfect for bowl and brush applications.

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