Large Wooden Waxing Applicator (50-count)

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Large "Tongue Depressor-Size" Wooden Waxing Applicator/Stick/Spatula for Face & Body (50-count).

  • PACKAGE & SIZE - 50-pack of large waxing sticks in each bag, stick are 6" inches long x 3/4" inches wide, and are great for salon, home, or medical use.
  • Great Material: High Quality Natural Wood Popsicle Sticks, Straight, Smooth, and with rounded-edges which make these sticks safe for waxing the face/body or for use in crafts for kids.
  • Wide Application: Perfect for face and body waxing, these large-size sticks are  suitable for removing hair from any larger area of the body, such as: legs, arms, back, armpits,or bikini, making waxing/hair removal much faster, easier, and sanitary. Also, these high-quality wooden sticks can be used for lots of fun projects, group activities, classroom use, camp crafts, birthday parties, cooking, making desserts, and home decorations.
  • Each applicator measures 4-1/2" length, 2 mm thick, 10 mm width
  • Salon Value Pack: 50-count total
  • Large applicator sticks are perfect for applying wax to face and body area
  • Measures 3/4" wide x 6" long
  • Value Pack, 50 pieces total
  • Easy to use
  • A must have-in for salons or at-home use