Luminae Starlight and AVYO Purple Shampoo

An innovative, dust-free, powdered lightener that is perfect for traditional foils, foilyage, cap, or off-scalp applications while providing colorists 9+ levels of ultra-lightening power.


An innovative, freehand balayage lightener that enfolds hair in a clay-like shell, Starlight is perfect for open-air balayage, ombre, and hair-painting applications while providing colorists 7+ levels of lightening. Its special formula grips the hair strands in a hard shell while maintaining the perfect balance between moisture and the optimal texture needed to create accurate and precise freehand blondes without bleeding or transfer.



Avyo Purple Shampoo

Designed by stylist for use by stylist, our Purple Shampoo utilizes a proprietary blend of natural active ingredients, optical brighteners, and lavender pigments to neutralize even the brassiest of tones, while adding a beautiful silvery brightness to natural grey and/or lightened hair. Sulfate, paraben, alcohol, phthalate free. Vegan. Cruelty-Free.  Reg. $7.50