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Salon Spa Anti Fatigue Economical Floor Mats.

Anyone who stands on their feet for long periods of time will truly appreciate an anti-fatigue floor mat. There are many different types of workplaces and finding the right anti-fatigue mat for your application is important. Anti Fatigue mats can reduce body stress and workmens compensation claims, while improving company morale and productivity. Therapeutic anti-fatigue floor mats are a necessity for preventing back fatigue, muscle cramps, and alleviating foot pain. salon wholesaler barber chair floor mats and salon mats come in various sizes (half circle floor mats, rectangular floor mats) and colors (black & marbleized) to accent your hair salon or barber shop.
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Semi-Circle Mat 3x5 Semi-Circle Mat 3x5 Semi-Circle Mat 3x5
Semi-Circle Mat 3x5

Salon Spa Anti-Fatigue Economical Floor Mats.

A high quality product purposely designed to fight fatigue by giving you support for tired aching feet, legs and back. You will be happier, healthier and much more productive at your job using our mats.
We offer an extensive selection of quality anti-fatigue mats, so you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs and budget.
All our mats are easily cleaned by vacuum, hose, or pressure water.


Anti Fatigue Mats have proven to create a safer and more productive workplace by:

1. Reducing Slip and Fall injuries.
2. Reducing glass and material breakage when anything falls on mats.
3. Reducing back pain and stress when standing for long periods of time.
4. Increasing productivity by giving comfort.
5. Preventing injury and fatigue.

In specific applications, foam anti-fatigue matting is a great option where small vibrations or sound absorption is needed. It is also used in numerous applications under heavy duty manufacturing equipment. Insurance Companies consider matting one of the top 3 solutions to Slip & Fall problems. Matting is a factor in almost all plants where a new safety & productivity plan is implemented. It is considered the quickest and most affordable method to enhance safety and reduce workplace injuries and relieve fatigue and stress.